Ships & Ghosts of Ships

from by Dustin Drennen



I stumbled into town
Like a dog with three legs
Everybody stared and teased

You said you like like a redneck
Wearing them boots
How’d you like to dance with me

We spun all around
In the lights and the sound
We laughed, and sweat out the drink

I took you home
And I walked all alone
Right down into the sea

There are ships and ghosts of ships
A man is a vessel just the same
We come out of the ground
and we drift for a while
Then we go down again

I spent high desert nights
With a choir of dogs
Taking turns singing scared names

Couldn’t tell the difference
Between spirits and stars
It was like we were swimming in champagne

I sang your name out then
And I lost it to the wind
She hid it in the rocks and the trees

I’ve been drifting for a while

I just want to hear your voice
I just want to see your face
I can still smell you on the breeze


from Come Find Me When the World Ends, released January 14, 2018


all rights reserved



Dustin Drennen Clark Fork, Idaho

I write songs, stories, and poems.

I live in North Idaho with my wife and four children.


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