I didn't notice I was falling, I's a wounded sparrow
The notion hit me concurrent with the ground
There's a place outside a body that a man can go
I heard you cry for me, I'm no stranger to that sound

You know I don't take nothing for granted, anymore
I know that you love me and you can't stand it, I'm coming over...

Sara say I told you so
Tell me just
How much I owe you
I still need you
I still want you

Sara you can cut my throat
You can tie me down
And break my bones
I still love you
I still love you

In my mind I keep some stories I can’t never tell
I keep ‘em safe within a darkness that I found
I might have dies once, I might be the memories of someone else
Who remembers rising but not ever coming down

All my friends say I look ragged these days
It seems my prospects have worn thin
I'm not saying I'll accept defeat that easily
Just remembering what you said
Just remembering what you said...

Baby what you got is one part light and one part dark
And currents pulling you both ways
That light will guide you and the darkness fuel your sympathy
But you can't go back there again
No you can't go down there again

The light will guide you
Let the darkness fuel your sympathy
Oh light of God
Let the darkness fuel my sympathy


from Peace with God, released January 14, 2018


all rights reserved



Dustin Drennen Noxon, montana

Songs and poems from western Montana: a little folk and americana, a little Texas country, maybe more cowpunk, clear love of the West, especially the Northwest, an affinity for good beer, some romance and wreckage, some creepy tales, a general distrust for the establishment, a hopeful outlook all the same. ... more

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