Predators, Ghosts, Motion

from Come Find Me When the World Ends by Dustin Drennen



Outside the wolves, inside the jackals
I'm haunted by her words, I'm betrayed by my actions
her wounds are bigger walls than I have bombs
and she cries bigger tears than I have guns
As far as I can tell, backing down is foreign ground to both of us

I have never been so useless or alone

Down there are flames, out here's silence
I never felt that kind of hurt, I think she's just frightened
Her skin is thicker steel than I have tools
and she's still entangled in their rules
We're both pinned down, dead to rights, without a fight, no weapon left to use

I don't know what to do, I don't know what to do with these hands

The morning is cold, head's a mess of rattlers
My spirit flows like toxins, her body's warm beside me
But her ghost roams in lines I can't trace
I showed up to her heart, found it vacant
So we packed up our things, guess we'll wait it out in this empty house, where we learned how to dream

Now we can't even find sleep, we turn at night, just like our days in the machine...


from Come Find Me When the World Ends, released January 14, 2018


all rights reserved



Dustin Drennen Noxon, montana

Songs and poems from western Montana: a little folk and americana, a little Texas country, maybe more cowpunk, clear love of the West, especially the Northwest, an affinity for good beer, some romance and wreckage, some creepy tales, a general distrust for the establishment, a hopeful outlook all the same. ... more


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